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This is our Valley Forge moment! Featured

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This is our Valley Forge moment!  Thank you for your interest in the Medenbach Foundation.  We have hit the ground running and are planning a variety of ways to connect and collaborate with you, as we work together to strengthen our community and honor and protect the legacy of The Forge. 

Please watch our introduction video and let us know what you think. 

Be sure to follow us on Facebook for real-time updates on our efforts and how you can help. In the Engagement page of this site, we've laid out some quick and simple ways in which you can get involved now. 

Again, thank you for your interest and your support.  Our shared future is bright when we unite and do the right things on behalf of our alma mater: Touch the Sword; Salute the Star!

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It's an exciting time for Alumni

Walt Lord
Walt Lord Chairman of the Board



To fill the void created when the VFMA&C Alumni AABOD was disbanded by creating an independent, non-profit alumni- and family-led organization that is dedicated to:

  • Raising funds for programs that support the continued development of cadets as citizen leaders above and beyond what the school is responsible for providing
  • Preserving the deep history and spirit of the Forge by providing opportunities for alumni to connect, network, and engage in transparent, welcoming, and inclusive environments

Core Principles

  • Be Respectful: We will remain positive and be mindful of our words and actions
  • Be Transparent: We will be clear with our intentions and open in our communications
  • Be Responsible: We will operate with integrity and hold ourselves accountable to good governance practices


  • Greg Shugal

    Greg Shugal

    Thank you to everyone who's poured their time, effort and material into launching this foundation.

    30 November -0001 Comment Link
  • Jack V. Greiner

    Jack V. Greiner

    Thank you General Lord and all those who created this Medenbach Foundation. You can not begin to imagine the overwhelming effect VFMA, Colonel D Keith Feltham and the Band had on my life, nor can you imagine the exceedingly high level of hope and comfort I felt when you were appointed superintendant of VFMA.
    Eye Physician, Surgeon, and Specialist in Cornea and External Diseases
    Associate Professor of Ophthalmology
    Harvard Medical School
    Band 67' 69'
    CPT Retired, US Army Corps of Engineers

    30 November -0001 Comment Link
  • David Martinelli

    David Martinelli

    Let the adventure begin......
    PS - Please revise the Closed Captioning. It lacks punctuation, and spelling needs corrections.
    Thank you.
    LTC Retired, 69' JC

    30 November -0001 Comment Link
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Medenbach Foundation

104 South Wayne Avenue

PO Box 123

Wayne, PA 19087

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The Lieutenant General Milton H. Medenbach Memorial Foundation is an independent, tax-exempt (pending) organization and is not affiliated with, nor is it recognized by, the Valley Forge Military Academy & College, the VFMA Foundation, nor any of its organizations, board of trustees, or other affiliates.


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