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Response to Charter School Application Denial - June 3, 2021 Featured

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Response to Charter School Application Denial - June 3, 2021

June 3, 2021

Members of the Medenbach Foundation observed the Radnor Township School District Special Board Meetings regarding the application to establish Valley Forge Military Charter School on campus at various locations, including Hart Halls North and South. We also read the very detailed adjudication report documenting a host of key issues and challenges that led to the school board’s decision to reject the application definitively.

We share many of the same reservations cited by Radnor Township’s School Board in the adjudication report and understand why the charter school application was denied.

“It appears that representatives from VFMA applied to form a charter school in an effort to subsidize VFMA and make VFMA available to students through the use of public funds.”

Members of our growing community remain deeply concerned about the leadership, management, policies, and quality of life for cadets at Valley Forge. We remain committed to doing what we can to support current cadets at Valley Forge and to providing a much-needed virtual home for alumni, families, former employees, and other members of the broader VFMAC community.

We have yet to see any reason to think the situation at Valley Forge has improved, and we do not expect anything to change without significant reforms. We encourage all of our members to watch the video recordings of the three public hearings and to read the adjudication report. Links to all are provided below for your convenience. The meeting on May 12, 2021 in which leadership was questioned about their application, and the findings outlined in the adjudication report, are particularly telling in terms of the current state of affairs.

Public hearing 1: The Proposal on March 24, 2021

Public hearing 2: First Round of Questioning on April 28, 2021

Public hearing 3: Final Round of Questioning on May 12, 2021

The adjudication report published on May 26, 2021, CLICK HERE for the report and pdf download

We want to hear your thoughts on the matter. Please feel free to reach out to any of board members to discuss.



Be sure to follow us on Facebook for real-time updates on our efforts and how you can help. In the Engagement page of this site, we've laid out some quick and simple ways in which you can get involved now. 

Again, thank you for your interest and your support.  Our shared future is bright when we unite and do the right things on behalf of our alma mater: Touch the Sword; Salute the Star!

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To fill the void created when the VFMA&C Alumni AABOD was disbanded by creating an independent, non-profit alumni- and family-led organization that is dedicated to:

  • Raising funds for programs that support the continued development of cadets as citizen leaders above and beyond what the school is responsible for providing
  • Preserving the deep history and spirit of the Forge by providing opportunities for alumni to connect, network, and engage in transparent, welcoming, and inclusive environments

Core Principles

  • Be Respectful: We will remain positive and be mindful of our words and actions
  • Be Transparent: We will be clear with our intentions and open in our communications
  • Be Responsible: We will operate with integrity and hold ourselves accountable to good governance practices

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