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December 20, 2021

On behalf of the entire Medenbach Memorial Foundation (MMF) Team, we would like to extend our seasons greeting, happy holidays and a safe and happy New Year to all of you, our Foundation members: alumni, family and friends of VFMAC.

The purpose of our Foundation is to strengthen our enduring friendships and contacts from our days at The Forge, as well as identify activities and opportunities to support the Alumni.  This is  YOUR Foundation!

The Foundation is still relatively new, coming up to its second anniversary on July 4th, 2022.  We are still growing and still learning.   We have been hindered somewhat by COVID 19 restrictions but still managed to have two MMF gatherings; one in San Antonio, Texas and the other in Audubon, Pennsylvania.   It is because of your belief in us, the MMF Team, our founding principles and our VFMAC brother and sisterhood, we continue to grow in numbers.  Most importantly, it is because of your generous donations that we can plan to support our alumni with special projects and initiatives.    As always, we welcome your suggestions.

What’s up with us?  We are establishing an online store with MMF items for sale.  Currently we have a holiday ornament available,  and soon to be added will be MMF ties, shirts, hats and engraved glasses.  Keep checking our website and Facebook page.  The profits will go directly to support alumni and special projects that align to our mission.   

Here’s a “Save The Date” … Saturday, March 26th, 2022, we will have a major fundraising event at the Union League of Philadelphia, hosted by one of our members.  We are still in the planning phase so stay tuned for more detail at the beginning of the year.  Anyone wanting to sponsor a part of the event or donate a silent auction item, contact me at my email below. 

Again, on behalf of the entire MMF TEAM, we wish you a safe and happy holiday and New Year.  Please know that you are very important to us!

Be sure to order the 2021 ornament below.

Touch The Sword: Salute The Star!

Doug Davis, 70’/72C’
President and Chairman
Medenbach Memorial Foundation

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.